TauEw has been in the art industry since 2002, who graduated from Equator Academy of Art with Diploma in Graphic & Multimedia Design. Even working in the graphic and web design industry all those years, TauEw is still passionate about being a comic artist. Interest in super heroes, villains and monsters has always been the driving force for TauEw to keep on drawing.

Until today, TauEw still moonlights as a comic artist, while working in the advertising industry as a freelancer during the day. Hopefully one day, being an artist can pay bills and start a family one day. But for now, selling his artwork on tshirts is a start and hopefully, one day will have TauEw as a brand for more merchandise which caters for the local and international market.

Feel free to check out some of TauEw's latest artwork on http://facebook.com/tauew and LIKE the page to keep updated with the latest artwork. The fun thing is, every artwork that TauEw posted there, can be used as T-shirt prints. Unless stated. Thank you and enjoy browsing!